The Former Of Success Footballer

In the football world, Gerd Muller is well known as football professional. A 70-year-old man is the former of footballer in Germany. He scored so many goals during his career. He has the national record with 68 goals in 62 international performances. On the other hand, he scored 365 goals for 427 appearances in Bundesliga. He was known as the success player.

He was born on November 3, 1945. The best moment in his career was when he scored goal for the winning in the world cup final in 1974 against Netherlands. Unfortunately, this moment became his last time to play football. His achievement in scoring four goals in 1974 world cup and 10 goals in 1970 world cup made this man was listed as the goal scorer with many goals throughout the history of the World Cup before Ronaldo created new record in 2006. So what does he do in this time?

The Career Of Former Football Player

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has the nick name, King Kalle. He is a German former football winger. He ever won the Intercontinental Cup which leads him to be known as the footballer with a great career. He played for German club Bayern Munich. Even though he does not become a player anymore, he currently becomes the chief executive officer of the FC Bayern M√ľnchen AG. Do you know when he joined the Bayern Munich? He joined this club in 1974. Of course, he became the player not a chief executive officer. Before finding the great improvement in later years, his striking qualities were insignificant. He showed great strength as a dribbler.

For the national team, he took part in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina. He went with the West German national team. After that, he played for the next and next World Cup and other football competitions. Now, he proves that a football player former still has an existence.

Klose Scored Goals

It is not a secret that Miroslav Klose one of the best footballers in Germany. He plays for Lazio in the serie A. There is a pride to know more about this handsome player. He is the top scorer of all time the German national team. He has a great record that is by scoring 71 goals. In addition, he has many goals in FIFA World Cup. He proves his ability and professional with 16 goals he made. Well, Germany never loses the competition because Klose is always able to create the goal at the competition. In August 2014, he was pension from the international match.

The first career was begun when he was aged 20. He joined FC Homburg. After that, he turned to FC Kaiserslautern. Unfortunately, in this club, he entered entry team too. Because of his talent, and productivity, finally he was promised to skuat Bundesliga. After waiting for a year, he joined the main team. In his first 67 competitions, he scored 33 goals.